You don’t have to trial and error

your way through this life. There

is a better way.

The Problem

You struggle to find motivation, feel hopeless with your options and finally nail down what exactly you want to do with these days you’ve been given.

You’re sure there has to be purpose, but the college to career path seems so broken. An outrageously priced degree, followed by years of student loan debt, only to be unsatisfied in your career to chase more degrees and work all of your days away. How are you going to thrive in a system that appears to be failing so many? There has to be a better way.

The Hope

We believe this generation has a hope and a future. There is a narrow path to keep your future, time and money Well Spent. We’re committed to helping you find it! You can find clarity for your future, make empowered choices and create your own successful path. We are eager to cultivate simple pathways to help students and families make educated and empowered decisions. There is a better way!

Meet the Well Spent Team

Beth Muir


Helping people find their unique talent is my calling. Encouraging people to pursue their talents and creating simplified pathways to equip them on their journey is my true passion. Watching people light up when they find the way they're wired and live joy-filled lives brings me deep gratification.

I have had the privilege of helping families navigate the higher education landscape for the last 17 years. Consulting for colleges and universities across the country has given me a unique perspective on what success looks like for each person. I am honored to watch you find your own unique pathway to a future you're passionate about!

Roni Townsend


Supporting people in telling and writing their story is my purpose. I believe we each have a unique and important gift to share with the world. I pride myself on my ability to connect with, listen to and empower you to break free and shine as you pursue the life you are not only dreaming but are worthy of.

For the past 10 years I have worked in the mental health field helping families and individuals develop skills, grieve, and heal. I am honored to utilize my background, knowledge, and experience to support you on this journey of self-discovery.

Are we a good fit?

Most of our clients share a common complaint list.

If you’re…

  • ​Tired of unmet expectations with college choice and affordability
  • Struggling to find clarity on the best path for your future
  • Frustrated with the ever-growing cost of college with almost NO Return On Investment
  • Terrified of drowning in student debt and stuck in career you hate
  • Unsure of the best path forward given the current status of higher education

​You’re not alone.

We’re here for you.

Made with love in Liberty, MO ❤️

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